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Thread: Roof lights w/o a factory rack

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    Roof lights w/o a factory rack

    Anyone know of an led light bar mount on the roof that will fit without the factory rack? I know I will be drilling and that's fine. I saw some mounts that follow the curve of the roof rack footing but I don't know if it will also fit the contour of the roof itself. Has anybody seen anything like this? I don't really want to buy a universal one and cut stuff up. Thanks.

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    358 sells a mount for the Xterra.. They may have one for the Fronty - National Nissan SUV / Truck event - Xterra site - Overland forum - Nissan chat

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    Wow. Perfect. Thank you!! Looks close enough to the contour of the roofline. Jus slide it forward and bam!



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