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Thread: Nom: Jan 2015 Pix of the month

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    Nom: Jan 2015 Pix of the month

    Polls only count if you truly win something right?

    Thanks to the Nissan Nation Podcast for sponsoring
    the Picture of the Month.

    Each months winner will be entered into the final poll in Dec for the 50.00 gift card to
    Xterra -

    1. HAVE FUN and respect others nominees.
    2. Voters must have a minimum of 10 posts on FN in order to enter or vote.
    3. FrontierNation will not tolerate any cheating. Cheating will result in banning of that member.
    4. You can only win a monthly poll once a year
    5. 1 picture will be allowed
    6. All votes are public

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    Any type of photo or just of our trucks?

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    Even though this never took off, I imagine any photo. Otherwise it would be a "build of the month" contests, and well...
    ~ I love a scotch old enough to order its own scotch.

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    Wish this took off



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