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Thread: Sausage's 02 Frontier KC Build Thread

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    Sausage's 02 Frontier KC Build Thread

    Let's start off with a little about me, if you guys don't mind. I'm currently 25, not married (but with a hot girlfriend!! ;D), going to school to be a mechanic, and not to toot my own horn, but kicking ass at it. I love working on vehicles and I love coming up with new ideas on how to do things. As we speak, I'm working on two mods for my truck, one of which has been rattling around in my head for many years already, just waiting to be put to actual use (more details on these when i get to them, I like surprises).

    This isn't my first pickup, and this isn't my first Nissan, but it is my first nissan pickup and my first 4x4 ever. In order of all my vehicles, I've had a '96 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera (handmedown from my grandad when I turned 16), my Xterra, which there's a "build thread" on that on the CX site (I use the term "build thread" loosely there as I've reread it and I'm honestly embarassed by myself in it). But here's my X

    After the X, i got a bike and a Kia Forte Koup. They were fun, but I wanted a truck. So I sold the bike and totaled the Kia, and found a Tacoma.

    (The Xterra in the last pic belonged to my friend Casey from school)
    Got a job as a delivery driver and couldn't afford gas on the tacoma, so I sold it and got an RSX. Great on gas mileage, but it never was very durable. A week after I bought the car, someone backed out of a parking spot and T-boned me. Fixed it (sort of) and drove it another nine or ten months until I totaled it a month or so ago (not my fault). Used the insurance money to buy the frontier! I just gotta be careful, there's some seriously stupid drivers out nowadays >.>

    Planned Mod List:
    Shrocks Rear Bumper, Sliders, and Skid Plates
    Viair OBA System
    ARB Rear Locker
    4x4parts Deluxe Suspension Package (3" lift)
    and some 32x11.5-x15 BFG All Terrains

    Thats just to start. I'd like to get a lot of smaller mods and a few bigger ones in there at some point as well!
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    I've been thinking about a snorkel on mine for a while now. I don't off road though so it would likely be a waste of money. Where are you thinking of adding skid plates?

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    Did you ever make any of those mods? Id love to see some pics.

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